Friday, 6 March 2015

The Secret to Babies' Happiness

Lately, I have been hearing news of many babies turning one. Every other day, a colleague invites me over for her / his child's first birthday. While I love to see the cute and happy face on the invitation mail, I wonder how those little babies stay so cheerful all the time.

I have seen some very loud and leaky babies who wail uncontrollably and bring the whole house down. On the other hand, some babies just cackle with laughter even when they are not tickled. I wanted answers to this confusing observation. So, I decided to go on a secret investigative mission and attended six birthday parties of toddlers over the past few months.

At the Sakpal family's birthday bash, baby Anushka jumped incessantly on her carpeted floor. I picked her up and planted a huge kiss on her forehead. She exploded in peals of laughter and started playing with my stone necklace. I noticed two clues to happiness here - plaything (my necklace) and dancing. These two activities kept baby Anushka occupied and she was a happy angel on her first birthday.

A week later, I was at baby Piyush's christening ceremony. He was only a few months old and could not crawl yet. When I held his delicate form in my arms, he gurgled and blew spit bubbles. After a few minutes, he wriggled on my lap and made a crying face. I thought he was hungry. I looked at my friend, Shalu. She gestured that she had already nursed him. This could only mean one thing - Piyush was going to pee!!! I held the little boy carefully, worried his diaper would leak and soil my dress. After a few seconds, Piyush's cherubic face burst into a smile. He was done peeing! :-) Looking at my dazed self, Shalu chortled and explained to me that her baby boy wore Pampers Baby Dry Pants which were easy to wear and and easy to dispose. The gel lock technology would also keep little Piyush dry from the inside. This is why that boy did not cry. He was happy and dry!

I knew then that little children needed to stay dry to be comfortable in their skin. What most of us do wrong is avoid diapers and keep changing the panties over and over again. This not only takes up a lot time, but also has chances of infecting the baby with the bacteria in his own puddle of urine. A good diaper is the first trick to keeping your baby happy! And of course, you must indulge your baby with a lot of love and care. Make sure you talk to her / him and take the baby all around the house to expose her / him to new views. New things give little kids a lot of joy. Kids also love rhythmic music. I always try to make little babies dance to children's songs. They find happiness in clapping their hands and wobbling on their pudgy feet.

Now you know many secrets to babies' happiness! Share some of your own with me by commenting below!

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