Monday, 2 March 2015

A Whole New World

I look at this world from various perspectives every new day, and a million thoughts rush to my mind at once. I am awed by many miracles brought about by science and technology. Then again, I am ashamed of the destruction the same scientific and technological knowledge brings into this world. I am amazed at the depth of philosophy and the beauty of fine arts and performing arts. On the other hand, I condemn the narrow mindedness of our people who set books ablaze and organize riots in the name of religion and God.

My heart shatters into a million pieces as I take in the sight of all the goodness struggling to escape the dark forces of the world. But my brain urges me to think. And I smile as I slowly comprehend the simple truth. The good and the bad in this world are products of our minds. They are all our creations. The natural elements are mere spectators in this land where humans have the power to either prosper or perish. It is with these thoughts in my head that I wonder what I would build if I could recreate this world... make a whole new world...

I would start with the very beginning. My first priority would be to sensitize toddlers and school children to the environment and their fellow beings. I would ensure that "Tolerance" is a subject taught in every school. When the same kids grow up into adults, politicians, businessmen and farmers, we would have a world that respects nature and all life forms. With increasing tolerance, the need to restrict travel would reduce. This would obviate the need for visas to travel across countries. Imagine the kind of freedom we would have if we could take a plane to anywhere and learn about the indigenous people there! The world would live as a giant family. Perhaps we would then understand the true meaning of "vasudhaiva kutumbakam".

I know my world is utopian. But what is utopia today, may just be reality tomorrow! That is the power of thought. But the power sustains only if implemented.

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