Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Necklaces that Can Make You a Showstopper

This is the month of March. And March ushers in the season of spring. Along with the lovely weather, this month also heralds the Spring-Summer Fashion season! While you might have a good idea of the colours and fabrics that are in focus for 2015, you are probably confused about the jewellery to accessorize with your marsala (the colour of the year) ensemble. But fret not! I have brought you some wonderful necklace ideas that can make you a showstopper!

If you are a traditional bride, be sure to wear that one necklace that stands out in the marriage hall. You need not wear dozens of gold neckpieces with your bridal trousseau, but you do need to dress like a bride. Choose a single bold necklace that starts at the base of your neck and spreads out by an inch at the shoulders to three inches at the torso. This style will highlight your choli and also make you look slim as it elongates at the bottom. The style works well with gold and silver. If you can splurge more, opt for a diamond piece.

For a day out with your girlfriends, wear a multicoloured charm necklace with your casual yet pretty evening clothes. The colours and the charms will make you appear as the fun loving cute gal. The look will also remain light so you can actually enjoy the day!

For office, you will need a formal look. And what better than pearls! Now, this can get a little tricky if you are not careful. I have seen many ladies overdo the pearl jewellery and appear trashy. You must remember that pearls are very elegant and impactful in themselves. If you wear too many pearl necklaces to work, you will look like you are heading to a temple. Keep it simple. Wear a single elegant pearl string and pair it with single pearl earrings. If you have a slender neck, you can try a combination of two pearl strings entwined together to look like one beautifully crafted necklace. Formal occasions require that you keep the colours understated. So, stick to white or black. If it is a festive occasion, bring out the gold, red and green pearls too.

I hope my little guide on necklace shopping helped you decide what to wear. Let me hear your ideas on how you pick your neckpieces!

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