Saturday, 26 January 2013

Last Friday Night

What does a BOLLYWOOD-themed CORPORATE party sound like to you? Bollywood? and corporate?? Can you even say those two words in the same sentence? What is a person supposed to WEAR to such an event? Do you play safe with business formals? Or do you unleash the filmy diva in you? Do you expect men in black and women in buns to talk in grim voices as they sniff, sip and spit (okay, maybe not spit :-P ) their fine wines? Or do you have a DJ spin Indi-pop numbers as the crowd grooves to crazy bhangra beats?

I had these and many more questions when I got the invite to my first "official" corporate party (oh, we have  the "unofficial" ones every once in a while *smirk*). I had spent over a week deliberating whether I should wear a chic Little-Black-Dress (and risk looking sleazy) or drape an elegant saree (and look like the next CEO :-D  ). My well-meaning friends (who were trying to help but ended up confusing me even more) were pro-LBD. They said things ranging from "Sarees are for old people, a skirt will suit you better" to "you can be sleazy and serious at the same time. (What?!)"

It was then that the invite reminder told us that this party would have a theme: Bollywood. We'd all have to dress like actors/characters from Hindi movies. I was back to square one! It's also time for you to know that costume was only one of my headaches. I also had no clue how I was going to dance in a room full of people I saw everyday at work but who still seemed like strangers. Besides, how was I going to do classy-dancing if they played songs from B-grade Hindi movies (oh, so pedestrian!).

Nevertheless, I decided to be a sport and I played along. The movie-star that I picked had straight hair but I wasn't going to iron my waves! Also, she wore yellow, but my orange/peach was "almost" yellow, right? Anyway, I reached the venue (which incidentally is one of my favourite restaurants here) and entered the hall to find lights clicking away at me (to mimic the paparazzi on the red carpet) and life-size posters of famous movies lining all the walls. I was starting to like this party already!

A glib-talking lady from the event management firm that was contracted for organizing this do for over 300 people, did a great job ribbing the top brass. I was actually delighted to see most of the attendees dressed as   easily identifiable characters. The party had 4 Salman Khans from Bodyguard! After the ramp-walk and 3 party-pieces, it was finally time to par-tay!!

First things first. My outfit was NOT suitable for crazy-dancing. Here's why:

Sushmita Sen from Main Hoon Na


Okay! I know I don't look like her. But no harm trying! :-P

Secondly, only good English music can get me dancing, right? WRONG! The dance-floor was so inviting (alright, I'll be honest. I had people drag me out of my chair) and the night so young that I had to pull up my pallu and get cracking! The DJ played lots and lots of good Hindi music and even my favourite English ones! :-) I've lost count of the people I danced with that night. It's funny how I was more drunk without drinking that night than I have ever been with alcohol (there was plenty of bubbly at the party, by the way).  So, the corporate party was not so corporate after all!

I will leave you all tonight with Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" sung by Jessica-the Chipmunk. I love this song!