Saturday, 18 September 2010

My Vision Board

It was during breakfast yesterday that an article in an English Daily caught my eye. There's a law in our universe: "Every object that one desires will get attracted to one with the same intensity as one dreams of it". The piece influenced me to create a Vision Board of my future. The pictures you put up on your Vision Board will give you a lucid view of your goals and dreams besides actually making them come true!

My Vision Board
My Future As I See It ===>

# A happily-ever-after with Ankit :)
# A PGDM in Finance from IIM-A
# A beautiful sea facing 6-BHK condominium
# A yellow hatchback to help me zip through the city (& ofcourse, half a dozen sedans & a stretch limo ;) )
# A holiday home in the mountains
# Shopping every weekend
# Lots & lots of charity!