Saturday, 31 January 2015

Chat v/s Call

Last month, I saw the television and online advertisement of Quikr NXT and was elated that somebody thought of this idea! I have bought and sold quite a few items on Quikr and I always thought it was a little risky to share my personal contact number with random strangers who may or may not actually transact with me. It so happened that quite a few times, guys posing as buyers would start chatting with me about things absolutely unrelated to the product in question.

This is why when Quikr launched their latest app - Quikr NXT, I was thrilled. I'll tell you three reasons today why I prefer chat over a phone call:-

1. Variety of multimedia that can be shared:

On a phone call, you can only talk about things and not actually show the person what the product looks like or how big it actually is. Whereas over chat, you can share pictures, videos and even voice-clips! :-) I, for one, would certainly want to see real pictures and videos of anything before I buy it  online, especially from a stranger.

2. Trust element:

When a buyer or seller is genuine, you know it by the initiative they show in the product. A chat app which can let you share pics of the item in use is much more reliable than somebody vouching for it over the phone. Who knows, all the words would just be vacuous and misleading! I only trust what I can see for myself!

3. Ease of use on any occasion:

I am a working woman, and I have plenty of meetings swamping my time. On such occasions, it becomes difficult for me to take a phone call from a prospective buyer. I would prefer to chat while I listen to that presentation in the boardroom. *wink* (Please don't tell my boss about all of this!)

While I have only mentioned three reasons why I would prefer chatting to the good old phone call, I understand that many would actually want to hear the voice of their buyer. But let me tell you that you are risking your privacy by sharing your number! Quikr NXT is this amazing app that lets you chat without having to reveal you real number!!!

Yes, that's right! For the first time in the history of chatting, you can interact without having to share your number. This means, no menacing phone calls or messages after the product in question has changed hands.

Another benefit that I can think of is the chat history facility. It;s wonderful to know what you discussed with a buyer before you close the deal. Imagine quoting a price and forgetting the quote! You may get conned by a few hundred rupees if you don't remember the exact price you have quoted. So thanks to chat history, you no longer have to remember every little detail. You can just check and be sure of everything! :-)

So, happy shopping everyone!

Sharing My Face with a Pimple

Hello, my lovely readers! You have always heard me yak about random topics under the sun and give my unsolicited opinion on almost everything. But you don't know that I actually share my face with another entity!!!

Yes, it's true. There's a giant pink blob that sits tight on my nose and makes me look like Rudolph - the red-nosed reindeer *sob*. I am fiercely independent, but all my efforts at evicting the uninvited guest have gone in vain. I wouldn't mind so much if that nuisance of a pimple would mind its own business. But, no! It has to butt into almost every private matter of mine!

When I begin my week on a Monday morning, the ugly pimple stares right back at me from the mirror and I start getting the Monday blues before I even reach office!

On Tuesdays, when I have to impress my clients at an offsite location, no amount of dressing professionally and talking smart works when all that my clients want to do is concentrate on the monstrous pimple!

On Wednesday nights, when I meet my parents for dinner, they wonder if I live in filth and whether I ever take a shower as the pimple convinces them there's something dirty in my life! (Don't exercise your brain too much. I only mean "dirt" and nothing else.)

I cover my head in a dupatta when I visit the temple on Thursdays. And even the volunteers shriek as my chunni falls off my face and the pimple plays the devil in God's house. Now, everyone is convinced I've been cursed for some misdeed in my past birth.

Friday evenings are reserved for my better half. We like to go on a nice, romantic date. But the pimple plays killjoy and I never chance upon any intimate moment! Even the boyfriend seems to have acquired a roving eye now. *I don't want to lose him... sob sob*

Saturdays are my days. I like to pamper myself at a spa or a salon, getting a pedicure or a Swedish massage. And by now, even my beautician has given up on that menace of a pimple. It just refuses to leave!

Every time I think I'm going to have a nice Sunday brunch with my gal pals, the nasty pimple rears its ugly head and scares them away. Even the mushroom ravioli doesn't not manage to take the attention away from the ghastly little zit on my face!

My dear readers, I ask you to come forward if you happen to know of any miraculous invention that can help me get rid of this stubborn pimple. I'v tried it all - make-up, scarves, sleep, soap and sulking (when all else failed). If you help me rid my pimple, I'll dedicate an entire blogpost to your kindness!!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Geeky Blogger's Sleek Companions

I am dreaming of my trip to Jodhpur tomorrow morning as I pen this post tonight. I'm a travel blogger and am mostly on my feet all the time. The old clunky laptop that I'm typing on right now had served me well. But it is about time I hunted for a new "companion".

A few minutes back, I set my eyes on the new ASUS EeeBook X205TA and it boasts of quite a few nifty features:-
  1. This ultrabook is just 1.75mm thick! Now, that machine is going to give my slim figure some competition! But healthy competition is always good. I will have more space in my backpack and the willingness to follow a punishing fitness regime. ;-)
  2. It has a quad core processor for doing dozens of things at once (just like I do)! This means, I can blog and upload a video simultaneously, while I listen to some soulful music on the background.
  3. The new 36% larger touchpad looks like the ultimate plan to convert keyboard fans to touchscreen.
  4. The 29.4cm display can now give me a home PC-like experience.
  5. The Sleek design of this ultrabook makes it look ultra-elegant in its muted tones and thin bezel.

Despite all of these features, I wouldn't have the power of a proper desktop. I want more. And I think I have found the perfect PC too! Enter the simple and powerful ASUS All In One PC ET2040:-
  1. This mean machine has built-in 1-hour UPS to prevent data loss during electricity outages. This sounds like how I deal with my body. I always consume extra food to be energetic throughout the day, especially when I feel I'll tire in the hot sun.
  2. Its awe-inspiring gesture control feature is probably the best! This technology is phenomenal! You don't even need to touch the screen to operate machines nowadays! A wave/flick will play/pause (music/videos), rotate pictures and browse sites.
  3. It's well connectedness is more than simply about USB 3.0 slots. It transfers everything really fast, and also comes with "smart charging". However, nothing can outdo its processing power and cool graphics technology.
  4. I just noticed that the computer has a Kensington lock on the side, and the HDMI port can be used to view everything on my larger than life screen (big TV)!
I had decided at the beginning that I would pick only one machine. But looks like I have a lot of need for several things at once. I will take the ultrabook on my trips and keep the desktop at home. I need power, sleekness and the ability to carry a thin book around everywhere. My style demands both the ASUS EeeBook X205TA and the ASUS All In One PC ET2040.What kind do you prefer? Shoot in your answers!

The Valentine's Day Proposal

I was watching "Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar" the other day (if you haven't, you should definitely catch this movie. It's a must watch for every lovestruck teen!) and I realized there is less than a month for Valentine's Day!!! :-)

And while I would love to receive a proposal, it doesn't look like "that" guy will ask me out. So, I'm going to have to be the courageous one and propose to my crush. I have already gotten over the cold-feet-and-clammy-hands phase, so I can now actually plan how to pop "the" question. My first idea was to put on a pretty dress and walk straight up to him. But that would be too boring, I thought later. So, I've come up with an elaborate plan to propose to my special someone. (I figured I should at least have fun proposing even if he turns me down in the end.)

On the 14th of February, I would rise at the crack of dawn and knock on his door before breakfast. (I'm lucky Valentine's Day falls on a weekend this year!) When he wakes up groggily and answers the door, I'd surprise him with a quick hug and wish him good morning. My citrus perfume would start working its magic by then (it's his favourite scent) and I'd have transformed his mood for the better. I would then tell him about the lavish Saturday brunch at the nearby ecotel hotel, and casually ask him if he would like to accompany me. (My crush is a huge foodie, and the mention of buffet would certainly fetch a positive response from him.)

I plan to book a sea-facing private table done up in white and blue (his favourite colours) for the two of us. Once we are seated, I'd tell him we both should sit on one side to get a good view of the sea. This trick will get us closer to each other and make it easier for skin-contact! ;-) We would share some laughter and keep eating at a very slow pace to spend maximum time with each other. And just before the dessert, I would clap my hands, and the hired guitarists would enter our dining area and play "Party for Two" by Shania Twain and Billy Currington.

Will you be my Valentine?

I'm hoping by then all the glasses of wine will have played their part and I'd be able to drag him on to the dance floor to shake a leg with me. At the end of the song, I'd hold him by his hand and pull him to the railings that overlook the sea. And that is when I'd ask, "Will you be my Valentine?"

I hope he'll say "yes". I will then be able to spend the evening on another date with him. How are you planning to propose to your crush on this Valentine's Day? Let me hear your ideas!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Art of Littering

I have been observing for quite a few years how Indians have evolved in their taste for fashion, cuisines and many things else. But one trait refuses to leave the desi descendents of all generations - their consistent urge to litter. Most people I know have assumed this traditional duty with great zeal and fervour. I have some samples of this "Great Indian Litterbug" from first hand experience.

Last week at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon holding area, while I stood in a queue longer than the Great Wall of China as I waited my turn to relieve myself before my half marathon, a frustrated girl declared, "Let's just pee outside! It's pretty dark anyway". And off went a dozen girls from elite families, into a nondescript clearing behind the canvas covering, to squat and perhaps make the soil a little more fertile for the weeds to thrive. "It's fun and thrilling!" declared a girl after her law loo-break.

"I'll pee from the Bandra-Worli Sea Link", declared a proud pro-runner as he jogged beside me with all his enthusiasm. I knew then that the urge to pee in public did not have much to do with gender. In this case, I'd say men and women are like two pees peas in a pod. And their motto is - "Urine where you reign".

Biological urges aside, we love to get the maximum bang for the buck we pay our cleaners and housemaids. This is why we refuse to discard any waste in the trash bin in our room. "The bai will pick it up", we reason. The bai is another aspirational individual who will not touch your litter without expressly being asked to. And thus, the two-week old coffee stain on the mug gathers dust on your study table. We decide in the third week to place the cup on the floor. There, cat-hair and pigeon feather stick to the old stains. We now place it in the balcony for the rain-gods to wash off the stains. "But it's only winter!" we realize a little late. Frustrated with our foolhardiness, we kick the mug out of the balcony, and "crash"!!! The mug dents the roof of the car that breaks its fall.

We suddenly recall our favourite sport of defenestration! We get our organic waste basket out and start pouring all the putrid contents on to the already rotting sidewalk. But for pan-masala, I'd never have known the uses of keeping a red tongue and a redder face. Just imagine, you can paint the walls just by spitting! No need to buy spray-cans for difficult graffiti. Saliva is organic and easily biodegradable! :-) You can create an unusual piss piece of art this way!

So friends,  littering is not a vice, it's a form of art that requires long hours and plenty of practice. After all, we're not all Jack from Titanic. Spitting will take us some time. But there's huge investment potential in filth. It is yet to become a spit-bubble. You can still attend the Litterfest if you have the spirit (and the sputum)! ;-)

Monday, 19 January 2015

The Laundry List

I came across a startling fact as I searched for my missing handkerchief this morning. I called out to my mum and angrily asked her where she'd kept it. I knew she'd have washed it in the washing machine and let it out to dry. My kerchief must've got lost somewhere between these activities. But as I got dressed for office, I realized how not even once did I wonder if my father had misplaced my hanky. This internal sexism opened my eyes to some shocking statistics:-


76% is only the men's contribution to that thought. Imagine how many women think laundry is their job, née, duty! If we wish to be treated as equals, we must first stop propagating that thought even amongst ourselves. Our kids need to understand that washing clothes is not their mother's job, nor is it only their father's. Household responsibilities are ideally shared equally between the partners.


In many households, the breadwinner is a man who comes home only to switch on the television and relax with a beer. The woman, who has also been working throughout, is expected to work still more till the entire family goes to sleep. Her job is thankless and does not allow for much rest.


It is no wonder then that working women feel like superwomen with the multiple tasks they have to complete, many which can easily be shared by the partner. Caring for a child, preparing for an office presentation, cooking, cleaning, washing and shopping for groceries are only a fraction of what the average woman does on a daily basis.


The man, meanwhile, prides himself in being a couch potato and owning a good wife!  Statistics reveal that men have not matured completely where it comes to shouldering responsibilities equally. They must offer to share the burden if they truly believe in equality. Just holding placards and marching with candles will not bring equal rights to our houses.


77% of men depend on women for laundry. The woman in this case could be anybody - mother, aunt, housemaid, wife, girlfriend or sister. It's funny how they never depend on their dads or brothers or uncles for similar things. But hardly 7% of them realize that. The gender imbalance can be improved by bringing about change in our perspectives. We must divide household chores fairly. The laundry list of things to do should not be a woman's task anymore!

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Kurukshetra (The Aryavarta Chronicles Book 3) - Review

Krishna Udayasankar's third book in The Aryavarta Chronicles released last month and found its way into my hands last week. All three of her books have received the thumbs up from the press in India and Singapore. I haven't read the first two books in this series, but I figured I would be just fine. After all, she retells one of the most famous epics in Indian mythology - The Mahabharata!

Fast Facts:-

Title: Kurukshetra 
Author: Krishna Udayasankar
Genre: Mythology
Publisher: Hachette India
Pages: 427
Price: Rs.350 or SG$25 (Paperback)

Key Characters:-

  1. Krishna: A cowherd turned crown prince of Dwarka who envisions a revolution for the people for Aryavarta
  2. Panchali Draupadi: Empress of Aryavarta and wife to all of the Pandavas - the five sons of former King Pandu
  3. Dharma Yudhisthir: Eldest of the Pandavas and rightful heir to the Aryavarta throne
  4. Syoddhan Kauravya: Eldest son of King Dhritarastra and present ruler of Aryavarta

The Review:-

'Kurukshetra' is an interesting rendition of the Indian epic. This part of the chronicle mainly elaborates the famous war at Kurukshetra. The entire episode transpires in flashback and is discussed in a conclave of eminent sages in the second millennium BCE.

The story begins before the war as Krishna makes multiple offers of peace to Syoddhan to avert a major battle between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Syoddhan, however, rejects every such proposal on the advice of his dear uncle, Shakuni. Fearing an imminent war, Krishna endeavours to gather forces of loyal vassals and rulers of nearby lands.

Neither Dharma nor Syoddhan truly desire war, and keep hoping against hope that they will arrive at peace without the loss of precious lives. Krishna, however, tells Dharma it is best to be prepared for the war as although preparation will make the war seem inevitable, it is the only way to prevent it. His intention is to gather enough allegiance for the Pandavas so as to compel Syoddhan into agreeing to his peace-treaty. Krishna also urges the eldest Kaurava to annul the infamous game of dice between the Pandavas and the Kauravas in which Dharma wagered his kingdom and his wife, Panchali, and lost both. Krishna's plan is not to merely reinstate the righteous Dharma as the king of Aryavarta but also to bring about a revolution. He dreams of a world where every human is treated equally and the leader is chosen by the people.

The war that lasts 18 days finally takes place after Dharma rejects a final peace-brokerage effort from the Kauravas when the emissary mocks him. He understands that it is his duty to fight for justice and to give his people a peaceful life.

Throughout the book, Krishna reiterates his ideology and tries to convince multiple people of the world he wishes for his countrymen. But most listeners, especially Syoddhan and the dangerous Devala Asita of the Firewright clan, refuse to believe him. Krishna has a dubious reputation of tricking people with his fancy words and ideas. It is only Draupadi who trusts him without a shade of doubt. Partha, the skilled archer and third of the Pandavas, has immense faith in his friend, Krishna, but even his trust falters as he sees his own kith and kin die before him on the battlefield.

The novel has a surprise ending - one that we have never read or heard of before. There is also the mystery of the identity of the Secret Keeper of the Firewrights, which is not revealed until the very end of the book.

My Verdict:-

Krishna Udayasankar has a remarkable hold over the language she has used to vividly describe scenes and build conversations in her book. Every dialogue is powerful and every sentence is steeped in meaning. She has done a lot of research from several sources and her interpretation is different in the way that she has done away with all supernatural elements from the story. She saves herself the trouble of coming up with an original story altogether, but makes up for that with her novel motive that binds her version of the story together.

Many aspects in this book are different from what we have read/watched or learned of the traditional Mahabharata. Apart from the names (Arjun => Partha, Duryodhan => Syoddhan, etc.), the essence of the characters and some relationships also differ. Syoddhan is portrayed as good person overall, with a humane sense of right and wrong. His agony at having to wage a war against his cousins and put at stake the lives of many innocents is acutely conspicuous in the book. Also, the bond shared between Panchali and Krishna is shown as being very complex. It has no name, although the story tricks one into thinking there is more to their friendship than meets the eye.

What I absolutely love about this book is how lifelike every character is! Udayasankar shows how even good people lose their calm and succumb to the pressures of preserving self-worth and pride. Dharma's arrogance on certain days in the battle-command-tent and Abhimanyu's blood-lust (as he breaks into the wheel formation at the battle) that overtakes his ability to think logically, are some examples. But what redeems her literary work is her idea that there must have been a larger purpose behind the war of Kurukshetra. The idea of revolution, as expounded by Krishna, is uplifting, and lends the book a happy ending despite the grotesque killings, gut-wrenching blood loss and mindless destruction. The story is not all tragic and dispiriting, though. There are light and romantic moments too, especially between Uttara and Abhimanyu.

Kurukshetra gets a full rating of 10 on 10 from me for doing justice to the original masterpiece whilst erecting a strong message as the backbone of the story. The book makes for a great read and is undeniably interesting.

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Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Story of My Life

Today, I'm going to tell you how I became the person I am. I wasn't always like this. When I was in school, I was made to believe that people who "wasted" their time on the playground wasted their lives. If you wanted to be successful, it was your duty to study hard. And believing so, studying is all I ever did. I would read novels or complete homework during the sports periods. And as you guessed, I was a lazy, weak person.

As I grew up, I saw that the sportspersons did quite well in college and now in life too. The studious ones weren't too bad either. But the playground-people surely enjoyed a better quality of life. I decided after I took up a job that I would not let my life go to waste. I did not want to be yet another rat in the corporate race. I decided to transform myself.

I shed my only label ("studious") and decided to embrace the different colours of life. I started to travel. I would use all of my leaves to get away to a new place and soak myself in the culture. I had always loved to write.I utilized this passion to become a travel blogger. I did not leave my day-job though. I was doing both!

I realized after a few months that I had always wanted to learn to balldance. So, I signed up at a class and went on to take the Pre-Bronze level international examinations! Dancing brought me close to a lot of beautiful music and I understood a myriad rhythms.

I still thought there was something missing in my life. I hadn't embraced the "playground" yet. So, off I went on to the tarred roads and with my laced tied up neat. I ran, and I never looked back. Tomorrow I will be running my second half marathon and my first run at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon! I will know at the finish line that I am not a unidimensional entity, but a summation of many talents and wishes that I worked upon and made them come true.

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Who Am I?

"Who are you?" This is the first question one hears when one meets a stranger, whether at a party or a job interview. And if you ask me, this is the most difficult question ever. It cannot be answered in a single word for each of us is not just a name. The answer to this is also not a relation. You are not just X's wife or Y's daughter. The answer is not simply your profession either. We are more than just doctors/artists/homemakers, right? One of my readers asked me who I am, and my reply to her is in this post for today.

I am a woman. I am a computer engineer. I am also a blogger. I am a traveller. I am not just a travel blogger though. I write about everything under the sun. I don't just write. I also read. I read fiction, and non-fiction. I don't only do sedentary work. I am a runner. I love the streets. I run rhythmically. And that's not the only thing that brings rhythm in my life. I am also a dancer. I learn Latin Ballroom and Salsa. I have waltzed, done the rumba, cha-cha, jive, foxtrot, paso-doble, and then some. But I'm not fond of just the western dances. I have also learnt Bharatnatyam and Kathak.

I am not a solitary being. I have dreams, wishes, and people I share those with. I want to learn. I never want to stop learning. I have studied engineering. And I currently study the intricacies of the financial markets. But I would love to study the art of management. I would love to travel the world, and know more people with dreams like mine. But I also wish to know about people who are different from me. I like diversity. I love to interact with people from different cultures, with different mindsets. I believe that sharing knowledge makes it grow. This is why I tell you today who I am. I hope you will tell me too. Who are you?

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The Bolt and the Beautiful

I have been scouting for a new car for the new office that I'll join in a couple of months. I don't really mind catching an auto, but those are hard to find (you know what I mean). My search has brought me to the new Tata Bolt. I coaxed a colleague-turned-friend of mine to accompany me to Oberoi Mall in Goregaon where this cool new car was on display last weekend. The sheer magnificence of this hatchback has floored me!

Flaming red Bolt to set the streets in fire?

I love how this little car accurately resonates my personality. Its features are bold and sharp, yet its contours are smooth and gleaming. The headlights have a confident air about themselves and the grille has a grin of its own. Its ground clearance is decent for a hatchback. The attendant caught me staring in awe at the car and offered to give me a demo.

My little cockpit?

Once inside the car, I was amazed at the soothing grey interiors and the comfortable driver-seat. "They're rugby shoulder seats, ma'am", the uniformed man answered the question in my mind. The comfy seat is exactly what I would want after a long day at work. Driving can now mean relaxing my back! I noticed that the music controls were fitted right onto the steering wheel. This is stuff I'd expect only from a high end sedan! This mean machine elegantly balances substance with style. The grey dashboard has silver accents adorning it. I couldn't help but notice the touchscreen infotainment panel below the AC vents. Here's a video of how brilliant ConnectNext by Harman actually is:-

That connectivity cluster just blew my mind! I won't need to install a phone-holder for when I use GPS assist on my phone. I can sync my phone or those of my passengers at the touch of a button screen! And how convenient it will be to receive calls from multiple phones through the same system while I drive! Bolt seemed to know just what I was looking for. I have two phones - one for my office emails and alerts and another for personal use. It'll be great to have my messages read out to me as a secretary would my appointments for the day. The next generation multimedia system already has an inbuilt navigation system and uses MapMyIndia maps to guide you... even without internet! I'll never again get bored when I'm stuck in traffic, thanks to the video player included in ConnectNext. If I'm late to a party, I'll just trust this Harman-wonder to play me some great numbers on a volume controlled by my driving-speed.

I could sleep in the boot! :-P

After the interiors took my breath away, I hopped out to sit on the other seats and check out the boot space. I was quite surprised to see a lot of decent space in the hoody, even though Bolt is only a hatchback. After trying it out personally, I can tell you that all of the seats are ergonomically designed, and everyone from your toddler to your grandma can be comfortable in this family-car. With all of that leg-room, I know I won't have to worry about my freshly painted toenails after a pedicure session! ;-)

Do you think I can race like him someday?

Beauty is only skin deep. What lies within is what matters the most. Bolt won my heart with its 1.2T Revotron Turbocharged engine. This is the first time a car with that engine is coming to India! Just so you know how powerful this engine is, you can accelerate and decelerate very quickly without having to engage too many gears. Once you shift to this car, you'll feel your old car was a truck, with changing speeds such a hassle. And this feature is exactly what I need on the Mumbai roads. There are so many pedestrians who walk with their eyes glued to their phones that they never notice a speeding car or pay heed to the horn. This is where you'll need to be the responsible driver and slow down from your 100kmph to below 20. And in the unfortunate case that you'll need to make an emergency stop, the disc brakes (front) and drum brakes (rear) will come to your aid and the dual airbags will cushion your face.

I'm taking this baby home!

I discovered that day that Tata Bolt wasn't just bold, but also beautiful. I'll list here my 5 favorite features of this car:-

  1. ConnectNext Infotainment System: This state of the art touchscreen wizard will guide me, entertain me, and be my personal assistant in the car.
  2. Multidrive Modes: Bolt can be taken out for a cruise in Eco, Sport and City modes. I'll need the Eco mode when I run out of my monthly salary and have to make do with little petrol. Sport-mode will come in handy when I'm taking the Bolt out for a spin on the highway for a weekend getaway with friends. And, the City-mode will be my all time favourite for the daily office commute amidst crazy traffic and on potholed roads. This versatility reminds me of myself. I can be different people in different situations. I run half-marathons, save money for travels and work consistently to lead a better life in this city.
  3. Rugby Shoulder Seats: The only thing that matters to me after safety and fuel economy is comfort. A tiring day demands a comfortable and smooth drive back home. The seats and power steering together make for a great team to deliver the ultimate driving comfort in the bustling city.
  4. Boot Space: I love to shop and go on long drives to camp near Mumbai. A lot of space is required to store blankets and portable tents. When I'm not travelling, my trunk will be used to hold my shopping bags from a weekend of splurging.
  5. Good Looks: Looks matter the least. Nevertheless, appearances go a long way when you are trying to impress your friends. The bold, metallic colours of Bolt, it's beautifully accented interiors and sporty design will tell the world that its owner is a trendsetter herself.

Have you tried your hand at the Bolt yet? It'll cost you between 4.5L and 5L depending on the model you choose. Yes, Bolt is positioning itself as a high-end hatchback. If you haven't already taken a test-drive, I'd urge you to Get... Set... Bolt!!!

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