Saturday, 31 January 2015

Sharing My Face with a Pimple

Hello, my lovely readers! You have always heard me yak about random topics under the sun and give my unsolicited opinion on almost everything. But you don't know that I actually share my face with another entity!!!

Yes, it's true. There's a giant pink blob that sits tight on my nose and makes me look like Rudolph - the red-nosed reindeer *sob*. I am fiercely independent, but all my efforts at evicting the uninvited guest have gone in vain. I wouldn't mind so much if that nuisance of a pimple would mind its own business. But, no! It has to butt into almost every private matter of mine!

When I begin my week on a Monday morning, the ugly pimple stares right back at me from the mirror and I start getting the Monday blues before I even reach office!

On Tuesdays, when I have to impress my clients at an offsite location, no amount of dressing professionally and talking smart works when all that my clients want to do is concentrate on the monstrous pimple!

On Wednesday nights, when I meet my parents for dinner, they wonder if I live in filth and whether I ever take a shower as the pimple convinces them there's something dirty in my life! (Don't exercise your brain too much. I only mean "dirt" and nothing else.)

I cover my head in a dupatta when I visit the temple on Thursdays. And even the volunteers shriek as my chunni falls off my face and the pimple plays the devil in God's house. Now, everyone is convinced I've been cursed for some misdeed in my past birth.

Friday evenings are reserved for my better half. We like to go on a nice, romantic date. But the pimple plays killjoy and I never chance upon any intimate moment! Even the boyfriend seems to have acquired a roving eye now. *I don't want to lose him... sob sob*

Saturdays are my days. I like to pamper myself at a spa or a salon, getting a pedicure or a Swedish massage. And by now, even my beautician has given up on that menace of a pimple. It just refuses to leave!

Every time I think I'm going to have a nice Sunday brunch with my gal pals, the nasty pimple rears its ugly head and scares them away. Even the mushroom ravioli doesn't not manage to take the attention away from the ghastly little zit on my face!

My dear readers, I ask you to come forward if you happen to know of any miraculous invention that can help me get rid of this stubborn pimple. I'v tried it all - make-up, scarves, sleep, soap and sulking (when all else failed). If you help me rid my pimple, I'll dedicate an entire blogpost to your kindness!!

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