Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Bolt and the Beautiful

I have been scouting for a new car for the new office that I'll join in a couple of months. I don't really mind catching an auto, but those are hard to find (you know what I mean). My search has brought me to the new Tata Bolt. I coaxed a colleague-turned-friend of mine to accompany me to Oberoi Mall in Goregaon where this cool new car was on display last weekend. The sheer magnificence of this hatchback has floored me!

Flaming red Bolt to set the streets in fire?

I love how this little car accurately resonates my personality. Its features are bold and sharp, yet its contours are smooth and gleaming. The headlights have a confident air about themselves and the grille has a grin of its own. Its ground clearance is decent for a hatchback. The attendant caught me staring in awe at the car and offered to give me a demo.

My little cockpit?

Once inside the car, I was amazed at the soothing grey interiors and the comfortable driver-seat. "They're rugby shoulder seats, ma'am", the uniformed man answered the question in my mind. The comfy seat is exactly what I would want after a long day at work. Driving can now mean relaxing my back! I noticed that the music controls were fitted right onto the steering wheel. This is stuff I'd expect only from a high end sedan! This mean machine elegantly balances substance with style. The grey dashboard has silver accents adorning it. I couldn't help but notice the touchscreen infotainment panel below the AC vents. Here's a video of how brilliant ConnectNext by Harman actually is:-

That connectivity cluster just blew my mind! I won't need to install a phone-holder for when I use GPS assist on my phone. I can sync my phone or those of my passengers at the touch of a button screen! And how convenient it will be to receive calls from multiple phones through the same system while I drive! Bolt seemed to know just what I was looking for. I have two phones - one for my office emails and alerts and another for personal use. It'll be great to have my messages read out to me as a secretary would my appointments for the day. The next generation multimedia system already has an inbuilt navigation system and uses MapMyIndia maps to guide you... even without internet! I'll never again get bored when I'm stuck in traffic, thanks to the video player included in ConnectNext. If I'm late to a party, I'll just trust this Harman-wonder to play me some great numbers on a volume controlled by my driving-speed.

I could sleep in the boot! :-P

After the interiors took my breath away, I hopped out to sit on the other seats and check out the boot space. I was quite surprised to see a lot of decent space in the hoody, even though Bolt is only a hatchback. After trying it out personally, I can tell you that all of the seats are ergonomically designed, and everyone from your toddler to your grandma can be comfortable in this family-car. With all of that leg-room, I know I won't have to worry about my freshly painted toenails after a pedicure session! ;-)

Do you think I can race like him someday?

Beauty is only skin deep. What lies within is what matters the most. Bolt won my heart with its 1.2T Revotron Turbocharged engine. This is the first time a car with that engine is coming to India! Just so you know how powerful this engine is, you can accelerate and decelerate very quickly without having to engage too many gears. Once you shift to this car, you'll feel your old car was a truck, with changing speeds such a hassle. And this feature is exactly what I need on the Mumbai roads. There are so many pedestrians who walk with their eyes glued to their phones that they never notice a speeding car or pay heed to the horn. This is where you'll need to be the responsible driver and slow down from your 100kmph to below 20. And in the unfortunate case that you'll need to make an emergency stop, the disc brakes (front) and drum brakes (rear) will come to your aid and the dual airbags will cushion your face.

I'm taking this baby home!

I discovered that day that Tata Bolt wasn't just bold, but also beautiful. I'll list here my 5 favorite features of this car:-

  1. ConnectNext Infotainment System: This state of the art touchscreen wizard will guide me, entertain me, and be my personal assistant in the car.
  2. Multidrive Modes: Bolt can be taken out for a cruise in Eco, Sport and City modes. I'll need the Eco mode when I run out of my monthly salary and have to make do with little petrol. Sport-mode will come in handy when I'm taking the Bolt out for a spin on the highway for a weekend getaway with friends. And, the City-mode will be my all time favourite for the daily office commute amidst crazy traffic and on potholed roads. This versatility reminds me of myself. I can be different people in different situations. I run half-marathons, save money for travels and work consistently to lead a better life in this city.
  3. Rugby Shoulder Seats: The only thing that matters to me after safety and fuel economy is comfort. A tiring day demands a comfortable and smooth drive back home. The seats and power steering together make for a great team to deliver the ultimate driving comfort in the bustling city.
  4. Boot Space: I love to shop and go on long drives to camp near Mumbai. A lot of space is required to store blankets and portable tents. When I'm not travelling, my trunk will be used to hold my shopping bags from a weekend of splurging.
  5. Good Looks: Looks matter the least. Nevertheless, appearances go a long way when you are trying to impress your friends. The bold, metallic colours of Bolt, it's beautifully accented interiors and sporty design will tell the world that its owner is a trendsetter herself.

Have you tried your hand at the Bolt yet? It'll cost you between 4.5L and 5L depending on the model you choose. Yes, Bolt is positioning itself as a high-end hatchback. If you haven't already taken a test-drive, I'd urge you to Get... Set... Bolt!!!

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