Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Story of My Life

Today, I'm going to tell you how I became the person I am. I wasn't always like this. When I was in school, I was made to believe that people who "wasted" their time on the playground wasted their lives. If you wanted to be successful, it was your duty to study hard. And believing so, studying is all I ever did. I would read novels or complete homework during the sports periods. And as you guessed, I was a lazy, weak person.

As I grew up, I saw that the sportspersons did quite well in college and now in life too. The studious ones weren't too bad either. But the playground-people surely enjoyed a better quality of life. I decided after I took up a job that I would not let my life go to waste. I did not want to be yet another rat in the corporate race. I decided to transform myself.

I shed my only label ("studious") and decided to embrace the different colours of life. I started to travel. I would use all of my leaves to get away to a new place and soak myself in the culture. I had always loved to write.I utilized this passion to become a travel blogger. I did not leave my day-job though. I was doing both!

I realized after a few months that I had always wanted to learn to balldance. So, I signed up at a class and went on to take the Pre-Bronze level international examinations! Dancing brought me close to a lot of beautiful music and I understood a myriad rhythms.

I still thought there was something missing in my life. I hadn't embraced the "playground" yet. So, off I went on to the tarred roads and with my laced tied up neat. I ran, and I never looked back. Tomorrow I will be running my second half marathon and my first run at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon! I will know at the finish line that I am not a unidimensional entity, but a summation of many talents and wishes that I worked upon and made them come true.

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  1. The first paragraph portrays me also...
    Good read.

    1. Wow, Rajkiran! :-) Did you also read novels during the sports hour?

    2. Yes, I never attended sport hours... I spend time in library...
      I was doing all this to become intelligent, I guess :)


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