Monday, 23 March 2015

Quick Guide to Pairing Colourful Loafers

Spring is in full swing now, and this is the best time to show off the colours in your wardrobe. While you are busy buying those pretty summer dresses and floral shirts, don't forget an essential part of your look - your shoes! Today, I will show you how to add zing to your attire just by dressing up your feet.

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The easiest way to add a dash of colour to your feet is to buy some colourful loafers. These are also known as moccasins, and are quite a trend these days. You can find loafers in a myriad colours – tan, brown, black, orange, red, navy, ivory, green, yellow, etc. The colours add a bit of youthfulness to your look and shed years from your age. ;-)

The colour of the shoes and the detailing must be appropriate to the occasion. If you are going to work, you will be safe with ebony, tan and similar muted shades. Feel free to don more colours if you are in the fashion or advertising industry.

For a lunch date, get a pair of bright red loafers and pair those with a short white dress. Red and white is a classic combination, sure to win a million hearts! You can also wear a cute light coloured top and cotton hot pants with bright coloured loafers. Try not to match the outfit though. The look stays cooler if you wear contrasting colours.

Loafers are great shoes to wear while travelling. They are easy to wear and easy to take off. These are what your should be wearing to airports, trains, metros and buses. Besides, these shoes are elegant and will add class to your look. This comes in handy especially at airports where you can gain access to lounges sometimes just by dressing neat.

While we’re talking about dressing up, let’s not forget celebratory occasions. Weddings, engagements, baby showers and birthday parties block our calendars almost throughout the year. And a little known secret is that loafers go really well with Indian ensembles! Try pairing shiny and embellished moccasins with your traditional sherwani, Nehru jacket, churidar-kurta, anarkali or kalidar. Tan shades go especially well with ethnic outfits. But be careful not to overuse loafers. You should not wear those with saris or business suits.

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