Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Nasha of Nioxin

Last month, a few lucky bloggers (including yours truly) were invited by Wella Salon to get pampered and have their hair analyzed by professionals in the industry.

Groupfie with the ladies

Meeting the Hair-Magicians

Natasha, the owner of Nalini's (a Wella Salon) at Bandra, introduced us to Nioxin, a hair therapy system that caters specifically to the problem of hair thinning. This jovial daughter of Nalini (the founder of the salon) explained to us why most people have hair thinning and how Nioxin approaches this issue.

Natasha animatedly takes the class

What is Hair Thinning?

We are usually born with beautiful, thick and strong hair, but over the course of time, our hair loses its tenacity, becomes weak and starts thinning. Some of this is part of the natural ageing process, but most of it arises from tension, pollution and careless handling of the mane.

The Nioxin kit

What is Nioxin?

This is where Nioxin steps in. The therapy works on the scalp and takes a multi-pronged approach. It unclogs the pores on the scalp so that new hair can sprout without hindrance, prevents hair breakage at the root and strengthens the hair shaft to give you thicker hair. Mind you, Nioxin does not claim to grow new hair. It only works with the natural mechanisms of your scalp and hair. Nioxin has been in the USA market for several years now, and Wella has just brought it to the Indian shores. Statistics show that 70% of Nioxin customers stay loyal to the treatment.

All set for the dermabrasion treatment

Step 0 : Dermabrasion

Before one starts the treatment, one undergoes a scalp analysis to determine if one is really a thinning client. Most of us did not have hair thinning problems, but we were given the experience anyway (so we could tell you about it). Nioxin categorizes thinning into six types depending on whether the hair is normal to thin looking or noticeably thin, fine or medium to coarse, natural or chemically treated. Each type has a separate therapy kit. But before you use the kit, you must go to a salon to get the dermabrasion done.

Dermabrasion can be thought of as facial for your scalp. It opens up the pores and lets the hair come out of the skin. Most people with clogged scalp probably have ingrowths, which is why the hair strands never see light but actually exist. The Nioxin dermabrasion treatment costs about Rs.3000 and covers the entire scalp. It is kept for ten minutes before it is washed off.

The girls relax at the washing stations

Step 1 : Cleanse

Next comes the first step - cleanse. The Nioxin Cleanser removes sebum, fatty acids and dirt from the scalp. This unclogs the follicles. The cleanser can be thought of as a shampoo.

The Wella professional blowdries Jhilmil's hair

Step 2 : Optimise

In the second step, the Nioxin Scalp revitalizer is applied, again on the scalp, and washed off after some time. It is a lightweight conditioner that coats the hair shaft and makes it thicker.

The salon sure knew how to calm our senses!

Step 3: Treat

The final step is the Nioxin Scalp Treatment. It can be sprayed on the hair after you towel dry it (but while it still has moisture). All the products have peppermint oil and menthol that make you feel cool and refreshed. The treatment really suits the hot and humid Mumbai weather! ;-)

We pose with our lovely looking hair

After the Nioxin experience, we were given the one-month treatment pack. Because I am not a thinning client, I took my mum for the dermabrasion process last weekend. She has been using the products regularly and I will shortly write a post on the quality improvement of her hair.

You can try and experience #NioxinNowIndia at your nearest salon. This activity is in association with BlogAdda.com.


  1. Lovely experience you had definitely shows through the post. Missed it, how I wish I could have made it so as to experience the nasha :D

    1. Clementia, you will have plenty of opportunities to get pampered! :-) How did your CA exams go?


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