Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Nioxin - 20 Day Challenge

Earlier this month, I had introduced you to Nioxin - an intensive treatment for hair thinning. While I was pampered with the experience, the hair experts told me I did not have a hair thinning problem. So, on my next visit, I took my mom along.

One of the beauticians analyzed my mum's hair and suggested treatment number 3 for her hair which was normal to thin looking and was chemically treated. My mum colours her hair to hide her greys.

Before the 3 step process, my mum's scalp had to be cleansed thoroughly for the treatment to work. So, she underwent step-0, the dermabrasion process.

After keeping that on for 10 minutes, she was given a hair wash with the shampoo (cleanser). Next, the conditioner or scalp revitaliser was applied. And finally, after another wash, the treatment was sprayed onto her scalp.

At home, my mum dries her hair naturally, but the salon specialist gave her a nice blow dry.

When my mum saw her reflection in the mirror after the Nioxin experience, she was delighted! She took the kit and promised to use it daily. To check the efficacy of this treatment, my mum has not used any other hair product (even hair oil) or undergone any other hair treatment (such as colouring) for almost the entire month now.

Her hair looks healthier. But she tells me, the entire process takes long. Especially the treatment bit, which has to be sprayed on the scalp after separating different hair-sections. Have you tried Nioxin? Let me know your experiences!

You can try and experience #NioxinNowIndia at your nearest salon. This activity is in association with

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