Thursday, 14 May 2015

They've Got the Power!

Now that the IPL season is almost drawing to an end, it is time to vote for the amazing and talented creators of videos for Crash The Pepsi IPL contest. If you have not already been watching several Pepsi IPL video ads created by IPL viewers (and Pepsi fans), you should definitely start now! Today is the last day we all have to select the best video and vote for it. I have picked out two which I like:-

1. The Office Excuse Master

I particularly loved the concept and the high quality acting! Also, because the setting is a formal office interior, I could relate to the scene very well. The office goer in this story needs a good excuse to leave early from work so he can catch the cricket match at home. He fakes a tragedy over the phone and leaves swiftly without talking to anybody. After a few days, he has the same dilemma again. He uses  a similar pretext and escapes office. This is how he becomes the "escape king" at his workplace.

2. Emotional Taxi Ride

I picked this ad because it was the only serious ad that I liked. Most if the entries are humourous and with the same background score. In this story, a young boy rides in a taxi in the heat of summer. The taxi gets stuck in traffic and the old driver is frustrated. The young boy lovingly offers him some Pepsi which the driver graciously accepts and drinks. When he drops the boy, he refuses to charge the boy for the ride as he was the only one who cared about his thirst. The driver only wants another sip of Pepsi. To that, the boy is enraged and declines the offer. However, he does that only in jest. He quickly giggles and gives the driver another bottle of Pepsi.

The video is bittersweet and melodramatic. The scene captures Mumbai - the heat, the dust and the pollution. To add to that, the traffic situation here is pathetic - we are almost always stuck in traffic jams. This gives rise to a lot of frustration and anger. I thought one thing was a little inconsistent about how the taxi driver is actually nice and polite. Most of the real drivers flatly refuse to ply and are quite rude. Anyhow, the video was well shot. I wish both the videos luck in this final voting round! Make sure you cast your vote! A lot of hard work has gone into all of this.

I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?

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