Sunday, 10 May 2015

An Equal Home

I have been observing Indian homes for a long time now. And one thing is glaring - the inequality between men and women. When I was a school kid, I would assume women did all the household chores as their husbands went to office. It was an equal partnership that way. But even now as I see working married women around me in office, I find that it is only women who continue to run all errands at home.

The statistics are appalling! Women are forced to become supermoms who do it all - work, raise children, cook, clean and manage to look pretty! It is not an equal world if men do not volunteer to share housework. Washing clothes is no longer a woman's domain. Men must be equal contributors to household chores, especially now that women are the equal breadwinners of the house.


There are three easy steps to a happy home. The first is to share all work equally. The man and wife can split the duty of laundry and do it on alternate days. And this holds good not only for laundry but all routine housework. Take turns to wash the dishes. Go out with your wife on grocery shopping and help her carry those heavy bags. Help her out in the kitchen. If she can wake up early to make breakfast for the entire family and show up in time for work, so can you! Learn to chop some veggies and stir some gravy. Sweep the floors and mop them on alternate days with your better half. Iron those clothes with her when you are back from work. Only once you start working will you have more respect for all the work your wife does for you. Sharing the load will make you equal partners at home. If you realize the load is too much for the two of you, hire some help. She will certainly appreciate it, and love you more for it!


Also, it is believed by both men and women that sharing housework is good for the marriage. Couples who lend each other a hand at cooking, cleaning and washing, have a healthier and happier love life. They quarrel less and respect more. The first step will automatically lead to the second step of having a happy marriage.


Thirdly, most women will agree that if men helped around the house, they would have more time for themselves and for their husbands. If men complain about not having good quality time with their wives, it is their equal fault. When you share the load, your wife will have more time for you. And who knows, you might just have those lovely dinner dates again! ;-)

I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association with Ariel.


  1. It is indeed the way to bring happiness in the family. Sharing the work load leads to respect and care, which in turn brings cheer to any household.

    Good luck for the contest.


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