Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Airtel App Bonanza!

I saw the new Airtel App advertisement on TV today when I stepped out of my floor for a cup of steaming hot tea. That is when I first found out about the amazing features of this mobile application. But I liked three special features that I thought make more sense to my lifestyle and my choices:-

1. Airtel Surprises

The Airtel Surprises coupons really are a sweet surprise! I can get coupons for every recharge! And I can redeem these coupons on Flipkart! I am a big shopper and I keep buying clothes on a regular basis. These days especially, I have been shopping every weekend to recreate my corporate wardrobe. Also, I am a travel blogger and owner of a DSLR camera. I have been scouting for lenses on Flipkart lately, but I do not have the gall to buy any of those because they cost a bomb. All of this shopping weighs heavily on my shallow pockets. I could really do with some vouchers and coupons! Thank heavens, Airtel has come to my rescue! I love how I can shake the phone to know about more offers. :-)

2. Recharge for My Friends (and hope they will return the favour ;-) )

It is nice that the app lets us add our family and friends so we can recharge for them as well. I have been asked by my friends innumerable times to recharge their phone balances for them. Most of us are pressed for time in a busy city such as Mumbai. We often beg our friends sitting in front of a computer to quickly recharge for us. This feature is perfect for me and my friends! Now, we can just recharge for each other without getting agitated. The other thing I like is that you can set up your own customized shortcuts on the "I Want To" tab. This will help you reach your most frequently used features with one or a few touches. I will certain add this recharge task to my "I Want To" list!

3. Record a TV Program from the App!

This one seems straight out of a science fiction movie! This feature is high tech indeed. All I have to do is add my Airtel DTH account details on the app, and it will let me record a program through my smartphone. This is godsent for many of us idiot box addicts. I know of so many friends who bunk school or college or take a sick leave at work to catch their favourite movie premier on TV or watch a live match. And when they travel, they always ask a family member or roommate to record their favourite program for them. They almost start crying if they forget to record something! Now, I know this feature will have them falling for it hook, line and sinker! This is just what the doctor ordered! ;-)

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