Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Best #CrashThePepsiIPL Ads

I have already blogged twice about how creative and wonderful the ads made by many Indian Premier League (IPL) and Pepsi fans are. And today, those ads have been shortlisted and we, the common people or the junta of India have to decide which ads win the CrashThePepsiIPL contest. These ads have been running for a few months now. And today is the last day to vote for your favourite ad. Have you caste your vote yet? Have you picked out your favourite videos yet?

Well, I have! And I shall present to you two videos which I think have the potential to win this grand contest! The first one is :-

1. Dinner Time Magic

The protagonist in this video seems to have the magic power of conjuring up anything from thin air! First, he changes this room furnishings from some drab old things to shiny new upholstered cushions and floor seats. He snaps his fingers like a wizard and his stinky old clothes change into fresh, nice looking ones. With another snap of this fingers, he fills his duvet cum table with platefuls of mouthwatering food. Another snap, and he has friends for company. Then he realizes that he only wants the hot girl with him. He snaps his fingers again and all but the girl disappear. The main guy realizes now that something is missing. And then he has a tubelight moment when he realizes there is no Pepsi! He quickly conjures up a bottle of Pepsi. This is when the girl holds on to the bottle and starts drinking. The guy doesn't like to share his Pepsi. So, he snaps his fingers and makes the girl disappear. In the end, the boy is alone with himself and his Pepsi! :-)

I loved the acting and the concept here. The entire video was well executed and edited.

2. The Pepsi Rap

This is another great video with a twist! In this ad, there's a guy who goes to a shop to get some Pepsi. He is actually sent by his parents as they have unsolicited guests over the house an nobody knows when they will leave (or if they will leave at all :-P ). While going through the Pepsi options, the guy is confused whether to buy a plastic bottle or glass bottle or can. He finally decides to live in the moment and drinks up his own Pepsi!

The winning factor in this video is the rap. This is quite refreshing and something I did not see in most other videos. To add to that, the rap is actually quite good! I certainly wish luck to the creators of these two videos. Hope to see them win!

I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?

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