Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Top 5 on my Bucket List

It is already the second half of February, and I am yet to check any item on my long bucket list for the year of 2015. In the interest of time, space and the ever diminishing attention span of my readers, I will list out only the top five things on my bucket list. All of these dreams of mine are pretty challenging, and I feel I can do them only if I am #BefikarUmarBhar. This year, I shall also complete a quarter of a century of my existence on this planet. With age, my responsibilities implore me to rein in my deepest desires and concentrate on securing a stable future for my family. But thanks to some interesting insurance instruments, I can focus again on my passions. Watch this short video of an old man and his two sons:-

The IDBI Federal Lifesurance Whole Life - Befikar Umar Bhar advert

Without digressing further, I will tell you what my "challenging", rather daring, plans on my bucket list are:-


Sitting right on the top of my list is my dream of conquering Mount Everest! It might seem insane to many, but I have nurtured this fire ever since I heard James Ketchell talk about his journey as an extreme triathlete and serial adventurer. I know the path is going to be full of hurdles like crossing the valley of death, camping on almost vertical tents, surviving on just 48% oxygen, and then some. But I also know that all of the hindrances will be worth reaching the peak and hoisting the Indian flag on top of the world (quite literally)!


Next on my bucket list is to run the Big Five Marathon. This marathon is no ordinary 42 kilometers! The entire route is through the Entabeni Game Reserve in South Africa. The runners have no protection from the animals and likewise, the animals are not shielded from the runners. As you run, you may encounter a leopard or an elephant! This long distance running event is the most thrilling and amazing one I know. I am an amateur runner and have only just started with half marathons. With a lot of practice and financial savings, I shall one day run at the Big Five!


My third wish is also related to travel in some way. I want to go deep sea diving in the Atlantic Ocean and sail around the Galapagos Islands. The waters there are clear blue and the marine life is vibrant! I have only ever swum on the surface. It is time I dived deeper and felt like a sea creature.


A treasured aspiration is to write a novel and have it published. While I have written a collaborative story which will shortly be out, I yearn to write a solo book and watch my dream (of becoming a published author) come to life.


My goal for this life is to be a celebrated travel writer and visit over 100 countries and discover even more cultures and cuisines. Nothing makes me happier than exploring the world.

Now that I have shared a glimpse of my bucket list with you, I'd like you to share yours.

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