Saturday, 28 February 2015

How I'll Get My NXT Car Quikr

Last Friday evening, I watched Bond movies back to back, and couldn't help but lust after the sleek cars the protagonist would have at his disposal. Even after I stopped watching the movies, the thought of James Bond's Aston Martin refused to leave me. I knew then that it was a signal from God! ;-)

I know I'm only twenty four and can barely afford a Santro, but I just could not stop thinking about Aston Martins. I HAD to get that somehow! And I did not have the patience to wait till I retired or got super rich. Just then, I saw the Quikr ad on TV, and knew just where to look!

The site has an entire section dedicated to cars and bikes. This made my search easier. I could even filter the cars through brands, my budget, their old or new status, the city, the location of the seller and the date of the ad.

Even though I did not find my Aston Martin, I found a nice used BMW 3 series 320i just for under three lakh rupees! This was music to my ears! I quickly checked the pictures and vital information on the advertisement, and started planning how I'd buy it. I knew exactly what I could do - sell my old car on Quikr!! :-D

I could sell my old Alto for about one lakh rupees and use my bonus and some savings to pitch in the rest. After I was done daydreaming, I would quickly approach the seller on Quikr NXT. This is a revolutionary chat platform where your number remains a secret as you chat with your buyer or seller smoothly. I will not have to make unnecessary phone calls or be inundated with "friendship" requests on the pretext of selling or buying. Also, my chats will get saved, so I will always be able to double check quotes from different sellers.

Once the money is paid, the car keys will exchange hands and I will have my first BMW ever!!! I will have also sold my old car in the process. Effectively, I would have upgraded my little hatchback to a swanky sedan! And the best thing is, I would have done all of this without lifting a finger! ;-) This is because I would literally be chatting on Quikr NXT with my fingers tapping away at the screen of my phone.

And that reminds me, Quikr works like a charm not only on the desktop site, but also on the mobile website and mobile app. Give it a try if you haven't already! Who knows? You could just be buying your new (used) car online! ;-) And remember to share the pictures of your new car with me! I am still dreaming about Aston Martin. The too shall me mine someday!

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