Sunday, 1 February 2015

3 Things I Must Do

I got a nightmare last week and I woke up with sweat all over my bed. I had dreamt that I had lost everything I had achieved so far and I would have to start my life all over again. And this made me think about what I truly love in my life. If had a second chance at life, how would I live it? What would I do? And what are the things I would want to achieve this time? Would I do the same things I did the first time? Or would there be a change?

These thoughts made me push my brain and think. Think hard. I listened to my heart then, and I discovered I wanted a few things to be different. I realized I had three big dreams that I have always been wanting to pursue, but I keep putting those thoughts off for reasons so insignificant, I can't even remember!

My first dream is to become a full time travel blogger. I already have a travel blog, but I hardly post an article in a month or two. Every time I write, I love that feeling! I feel like quitting my boring day job and becoming a full time travel blogger! I enjoy travelling more than any other form of entertainment or rejuvenation. I have never had the courage to quit my sedentary job for the fear of not having enough money. Travelling is an expensive affair at most times. But I have decided now that  I will not come up with any more excuses for not concentrating on an alternate career as a travel blogger.

My second wish is to get an MBA from Stanford. I always push aside that dream thinking of the huge financial cost that I and my family will incur. But I have faith in myself that I will be able to pay the student loan with my hard work and professional brilliance. I shall apply to my dream school next session!

The third of my desires is to write a full length novel and then, continue writing more titles. I always thought becoming an author was next to impossible for me. But a recent contest-win got me my confidence back. I will not procrastinate any more! I will work on a novel as soon as I have a great idea for the story!

Have you ever thought of the things you would do or how you would do them differently if you were blessed with a second chance? Give it a thought! You might realize that you can still do things the way you have always wanted to. Grab your dreams, my readers!

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