Saturday, 23 January 2016

Style Tips for a Fun Party

New Year's Eve party is over, but the year is long. There will be many parties and you will fret over what to wear and how to dazzle the crowd with your charm. I understand that the stock market is not doing so well these days and you are short on cash. This is why I have got some simple and affordable tips for you to style for those peppy parties and look dapper in 2016! :-)

My friends and I at a lunch party

Style Tip #1: Reuse Your Old Clothes

Looking great doesn't have to mean burning a hole in your pocket. If your old tops and trousers have gone out of fashion, learn to mix them up and create a whole new look. Remember those ponchos which went out of style many years back? Wear a strappy spaghetti underneath and don that see-though lacy poncho on top. This will surely pep up the tempo!

Style Tip #2: Add Colours to Your Eyes

When wearing makeup, we often ignore how creative we can get with our eyes. I have seen so many women dress wonderfully, only to fail when it comes to eye makeup. Why do we always wear a black eyeliner and leave it at that? Pep up your windows to the soul with eyeliners in pop colours such as blue, green, purple, pink and even white. You will be thrilled with the look you create with just a dash of colour in your eyes. Bright colours highlight your eyes the best.

Style Tip #3: Don't Be Shy to Try Red

Your lipstick doesn't have to be so neutral all the time. It's a party, not a boring office meeting, girls! Learn to go bold with a dark shade of red. Red looks lovely in the otherwise dull winter. Get inspired by mountain girls who wear only bright shades of red. I noticed this on my recent trip to Sikkim in December.

Style Tip #4: Make Your Nails Look Peppy

Are you still satisfied with plain, solid colours for your nails? That is so last season! Watch some quick YouTube videos and learn to apply nail art. You can wear different shades of the same colour on a nail, to give a liquid look to it. Experiment with polka dots and use anything from bobby pins to earbuds as dotting tools. Learn to dust glitter or other fancy material on your nails to go with your outfit for the party.

Style Tip #5: Accessorize Carefully

You cannot nail a look if you accessorize wrong. Do not make that fashion faux pas of carrying a random bag with a classy dress. You will not be holding your bag all the while, but you will get noticed when you walk in with that bag hanging from your shoulder. Your jewelry and shoes should complement each other, even if they do not match your outfit. You will be surprised how you can transform a look simply by changing the accessories.

You have the whole year ahead of you, so get out there and experiment! Be peppy this winter!

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