Sunday, 24 January 2016

5 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die

This won't be another listicle on how to enjoy the world outside. This one is for your inner pleasure. You do so much to keep your body fit. You exercise, you control your diet and take appropriate rest. You also know how to look good. You follow fashion trends and buy new stuff almost everyday. You know how to travel the world, what to eat where and which activity to pursue. But how do you take care of  your mind? Do you know how to relax? How to unwind? Today, I will share with you my personal list of songs from my music collection that help me feel better.

Some songs should relax your soul

Song #1: Set Fire To The Rain by Adele

This is the ultimate breakup song! When your wound is still fresh and you are longing to go back to your ex, you feel one with Adele's song. You are reminded of the pain and the love you lost. What makes this song so beautiful is the powerful music and the strong voice of one of my favourite singers.

Song #2: Party For Two by Shania Twain

This is my favourite hot date song! The tempo of the music is upbeat and Shania and Billy Currington do a great job with the singing. This song should ideally be played when you are a few dates down and are hoping to get to the next level. A nice number to play if just the two of your are going to dance.

Song #3: A New Day Has Come by Celine Dion

Celine has been one of my favourites since childhood. She taught me to love music. 'A New Day Has Come' was released when she had a baby. This song is so uplifting, it is perfect for when you learn to love again after your heart has been broken. The song's redeeming factor is the power in Celine's voice.

Song #4: Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

This one came out way back when Miley was still a teenager. The song is a perfect party track and excellent if you want to create a club atmosphere at home. The song sends out a signal of courage. Listen to it when you are about to try something new or when you have to go a new place on your own.

Song #5: My Sacrifice by Creed

I love the amazing combination of chords and drums in this song. The lead singer of Creed is also a guy I have a slight crush on. He gets bonus points from me for his sexy baritone. This is a love song, and one of my favourites again.

What are you listening to at the moment? Don't forget to share your playlist with me!

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