Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Goodness of Nature

My colleague at work recently had a baby! I am elated for her. She was a wonderful employee right up to the ninth month of her pregnancy. She only took her maternity leave three days before the actual delivery date! I was mighty worried looking at her baby bump which appeared as though she would go into labour any minute. But this lady would go about her daily routine just as any of us would. She would walk about and get her own cup of tea, run her own errands, and even spend tiring days on office offsites! She is such an inspiration to me! When I become a mother, I wish to be like her - non complaining and not misusing any of the facilities available to me.

Now that she has her bundle of joy in her lap, she treats him with utmost care. People are allowed to touch the baby only after using a specially formulated hand wash. The baby's clothes are washed in sterilized water. The baby right now only feeds on his mother's milk, but I am pretty sure, when he is old enough to eat other stuff, all his utensils will be sterilized and his food would be checked for temperature and safety. Another thing my friend worries about is his bath water. It has to be of the perfect temperature and absolutely clean. Before the daily afternoon bath, the baby boy gets a nice, long massage.

My friend has her own mother who helps her out, and there is also a maid specifically to take care of the demands of the new baby in the house. Still, my colleague insists on massaging the baby on her own. She tells us that spending more time with your own baby improves the mother-son bond. The baby learns to respond to her words and even uses special communication techniques that only the mother can understand. For the body oil, my friend trusts Dabur's natural baby massage oil. She relies on the therapeutic properties of olive and almonds that naturally keep the baby strong and the softness in his skin intact. The first few months are crucial for a baby's muscular development. And a good massage goes a long way in improving flexibility in a baby. A baby's reflexes also start developing with massages. It is very important to steer clear of artificial and strong ingredients such as paraffin or paraben or chemically formulated moisturizers.

A baby is well nourished only when the massage oil is natural. The goodness of nature cannot be replaced by anything artificial!

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