Sunday, 12 July 2015

The First Massage

I just returned home from a hectic day that involved exposing my skin to the dust and pollution of Mumbai as the rickety auto rickshaw jolted through the potholed roads of my maximum city. In the unseasonal heat of monsoon, I perspired as I got off the auto to enter the air conditioned confines of my bib collection venue. The "bib" in discussion refers to my running bib for the latest marathon that I shall run next Saturday. I noticed how the sudden drop in humidity inside the hall almost robbed my skin of its moisture. Later, when I got back home and started cooking, I could feel beads of sweat coating my body again.

The routine above is a similar one that most of us go through - a routine of temperature and humidity change. In all of this, our skin suffers a lot. In low humidity and low temperature conditions, we have dry, scaly skin which looks unhealthy and undernourished. Contrarily, when it is hot and humid, we have boils all over. I really miss the skin I had as a baby. It was smooth and supple, so soft to the touch. Everyone who came to see me would pick me up and plant a kiss on my cheeks. They would cuddle with me and nobody could keep their hands off my plump body.

I had such a wonderful skin back then only because my mum and grandmums made sure I got an oil massage every day. Even now, my mother tells me how she made sure I was massaged with the finest olive oil imported from Italy. My grandmums would stretch my limbs softly and make me exercise during the massage. They firmly believed that my bones and muscles would develop with good massage. It would also help me learn to walk quickly and improve my motor skills. I would quickly and expertly learn how to pick things up and crawl and perhaps walk with a wobble.

Good baby oils are very important when you massage your baby. The natural ingredients make sure that the baby's sensitive skin does not react to any artificial chemicals or colours. Oils, even otherwise, are very good for the skin's texture. They retain moisture and protect your child from cold and the harsh atmosphere, especially in winters. Mustard oil also builds immunity. Let me know how you take care of your baby's massage needs!

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