Sunday, 26 April 2015

Those Little Things in Life

Real happiness comes not from riches or big parties. It comes from those little things in life that make your smiles reach your eyes. When you know what truly makes you happy, treasure it, cherish it and celebrate it. Those little moments are worth a lot more than the supposed big ones that you throw your grand parties for. Today, I will tell you what makes me smile.

When I was in school, I would think topping the class needed celebration. I wanted to be rich and successful. But a few years into my work life, I realized money and promotions did not make me feel quite the same as certain other things. The happiest moments of my life were when I was dating my first boyfriend. I did not know until we broke up that he made me happier than anyone else could. I was a fool not to hold on to him. I actually lived the happiest moments of my life when I was with him.

I remember the the first time he proposed to me over email on 27th August 2006. I was not even sixteen. I should have celebrated that moment, but I was too busy wondering if he really liked me or if that was just a prank. We had a long distance relationship for over seven years. Those were undoubtedly the best moments of my life. He would bring me roses every time we met. And those moments would be rare. We could only meet once in two months, or even less frequently due to exams, the lack of money and the unavailability of trains at times. But the roses would always be there. I remember when we met in Malaga during our internship in Spain. I was really angry at him for spending 5 euros on a single rose. I was mad that he hadn't bought me a chocolate bar which would be more useful and less expensive in Europe. But I realize now that I could not feel the love behind his gesture.

I should have celebrated all those moments, and held on to them. Because some things in life never return. And you realize your mistake only when it's too late. I remember vividly how my first love would painstakingly plan our dates and make everything so special for us. He would time his visits so we could attend those special candle-lit dinners at a nice restaurant. I still remember how he blindfolded me and made me go up several escalators and let me open my eyes only when I was seated at that beautiful restaurant. Everyone, including our attendant and the guard were smiling. The whole world know how special he was. Only I could not see it. I will always cherish those little moments of immense joy. I will still celebrate life.

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