Thursday, 2 April 2015

Elite Jewellery You Must Buy

Fashion is not just about your clothes, footwear and makeup. An essential accessory is jewellery. Back in school and college, we got by with cheap imitation pieces and oxidized metal. Plastic fashion jewellery and beads with our initials were also pretty popular. But now that we have stepped into the workplace, our jewellery needs a makeover. No more can you look elegant with shabbily assembled coloured stones. You must plan your accessories with every outfit. But don't look so worried, in this post, I will show you how to mix and match elite jewellery pieces with your ensembles.

If you work at a bank, you probably have a strictly formal dress code. With expensive dresses and blazers, you need to pair your elite jewellery right! Keep a few simple rules in mind, and you should be able to leave an indelible mark on your clients. The first rule is to pick neckpieces in contrasting colours to your tunic if the neckline reaches up to the base of your neck. The necklace in this case will rest on top of the fabric, and you must ensure it stands out. So, wear white pearls with a black dress and black stones against a white tunic. Keep your earrings and bracelet of the same colour family and pattern even if you cannot exactly match the pieces.

If you wear shirts, leave the first two buttons undone and let your necklace show through. Try wearing shorter strings or statement pieces which have large stones. Remember though, if your necklace lies on your skin, it must be of the same colour family as your shirt or blouse. The idea is to have a cohesive look that does not distract the people you will interact with. The best way to dress for work is to ensure your personality stands out better than your look. Another thing you should do is invest in elite jewels. You need not look at diamonds and platinum if those are too expensive for your budget. Look for silver and rhinestones. Silver effectively does for less money what platinum takes thousands to do. Also with rhinestones, you will have a variety of colours to play with. Go easy on the gold though. If you love gold or are looking to invest, look for simple and elegant designs in matte finish. Your work-jewellery must not look like a wedding piece.

Now, when do you wear the showy pieces of elite jewellery? The answer is - parties and dates. Every time you have a wedding or store launch to attend, bring out your glittering diamonds and gleaming gold. If you wish to attract all the attention to your jwellery, make sure your clothes are not too shimmery. Too much shine in an ensemble makes you look overdressed. Always keep your outfit balanced. For dates, keep your jewellery interesting. A striking bracelet with many charms that jingle is a great idea. At the end of the day, remember that you are the first jewel in any look. All other jewels come after. So, don't forget to smile! A smile can make you look like a million bucks even if you wear accessories from a thrift store.


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