Saturday, 23 August 2014

These Boots are Made for Walkin' . . .

I woke up this morning to a shooting pain in my right foot. Perplexed by the unexplained tantrum that my otherwise well-behaved foot was throwing on me, I recalled the activities of last night:-

  • Paso doble wearing my new golden salsa shoes (yes, they are glitzier than the copper ones I used before ;-) )? Nah! I always dance in pencil heels. The shoe does little other than chafing the skin.

  • Brisk walking with an umbrella in the rains? Not likely to hurt me (even though the running shoes are getting kinda old), given that I ran for an hour the evening before last and was absolutely fine.
This could only mean one thing!
My feet were itching (crying, rather) for new shoes!
I quickly got out of my bed and browsed on Spy Love Buy. I don't know how long it'll take to get these pretty shoes shipped all the way from UK, but here's a glimpse into my wishlist:- 
1. YNOT Stiletto Heel Pointed Court Shoes: This black beauty crafted with suede is just what I need for work! Okay, okay, I know I already have black pointy-toed shoes (that make me look like a devil, as some say) I wear to office, but that pair is delicate, and in any case, one black formal shoe is never enough! Besides, this new pair is made of suede! :-) The luxe texture will surely turn the dull days around?
Black Stiletto Heels

2. TREAT Stiletto Heel Metal Trim Chelsea Ankle Boots: Another lovely black piece! This four-incher will be for my trips to the mall. A perfect pair for the winter to come! Can any other shoe go better with a pair of black leggings? The elastic gusset on the side lends these boots a superior character which is accentuated by the gold-coloured trimmings in the front.

Ankle Boots with Metal-Trim

3. FERRARI Heeled Platform Hiker Ankle Boots: ...because just black won't suffice. These tan faux-leather stiletto-boots are nude pumps and hiking boots all rolled into one! This is JUST what I need on another solo trip across the country! It goes well with my adventurous spirit. I can't wait to lace-up and strap on these six inches of freedom which come with a zipper on the side (just in case you're running short on time ;-) ). 

Hiker Nude-Boots

4. PEARL Heeled Buckle Peep Toe Sandals: Blacks and tans are all very well but what when you want to make a bold statement at the next dance? These blazing red, buckled stilettos were made for that very occasion! There's a buckle for every inch of the heels and a secret rear-zip. I know what my next salsa shoes will look like! ;-)
Killer Red Sandals

Now let me tell you, I did not put up these fetching pairs of stilettos for all of you to stare at! This blogpost is a prompt for you get thinking about your own shoe-closet. Do your feet need a makeover? Are you dissatisfied with your collection? What's on your wishlist? Let me hear your thoughts!

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