Sunday, 24 August 2014

Syncing with Univercell

It was on a sunny afternoon (a rarity in these monsoons) yesterday that Univercell Sync beckoned to me. This squeaky clean gadget-store recently opened at Colaba Causeway and welcomed bloggers like a restaurant would its diners.

What first struck me about this spacious, but crowded (hello, fellow bloggers :-) ) shop was the immaculate walls that clearly listed the different hats donned by phones - camera, music-player, work-buddy, etcetera. I later figured out that these "walls" were "zones" for buyers to explore phones based on their features, and there was a special one for "new and noteworthy". You can never get lost in this gadget-wonderland because the blue-tee clad shopping-assistants will help you navigate through the well-stocked collections of smart-phones, tablets and a host of gadget-accessories. Being the music-freak that I am, I automatically drifted to the Music section to "play it, live it and (maybe someday) own it".

Once in the Music-zone, I checked out some wireless headphones and earphones. I really need one of these for running with music. My wired earphones always come off when I increase my pace or my swinging hands yank them out of my ears. This reminds of the cute little Philips SoundShooter SBA 3010 that I was looking for but couldn't quite locate. I hope the wireless variety is available too. (My phone is not too fond of wires.) 

Some "zones" of this cool store have amazing art on the walls. I especially liked the technology-tree that branches out to a tweeting blue bird, a DNA strand, a cube, a clock, and various symbols from the digital world (think attachment, document, email, cut, WWW, etc.). The simplicity of this store and how it arranges its products is what attracts me the most.

Have you been to Univercell Sync yet? Which is your favourite-gadget store? Are you planning to buy a new phone? Share your thoughts with me. :-)

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