Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The Interview

Disclaimer: This post is not about the controversial movie of the same name. ;-)

Raj was a tall and confident young man from the graduating class of 2013. He was the captain of the varsity football team and a fairly bright student. He skimmed through his resume for the umpteenth time as he waited his turn outside the interview room.

Raj was interviewing for a boutique investment firm. He had thoroughly researched the company and prepared well for the interview. He had spent months keeping himself abreast of the current affairs in economics. He quite adored the world of finance and loved to read about new theories that were disproved by still newer ones. He looked dapper in his crisp white shirt and stainless steel cufflinks which he had borrowed from his dad only for the big interview. His dark blazer rested folded on his left forearm as he was sweating from nervousness. He checked his shoes - perfectly polished. His father had told him how a man is often judged by his shoes. If that rule was anything to go by, a glance at Raj's shoes would give the impression of his belonging to royalty.

A volunteer from a junior year finally waved at Raj. That was his cue to enter the room. As if by a miracle, Raj lost his nervousness and confidently strode in. He greeted the panel with a practised smile. Once seated, Raj fluently answered all that they had to ask him. After almost an hour, when Raj walked out of the room, he was delighted. The decision would be announced the next day, but Raj was very happy with his performance. He immediately called up his father and said, "Papa, thank you so much! I cannot believe how brilliant I was at the interview. If you hadn't convinced me to shave the goatee that I always thought was cool, I'd probably have looked like those other guys in my class who seemed kind of unprofessional. If I get this job, you get the first treat!" Raj finished his message for the answering machine.

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