Monday, 24 November 2014

FatCat - The Fraudulent Gaming Company

This post has been edited in light of the recent discovery that FatCat is a fraudulent gaming company.

In late November, 2014, they launched a campaign to get bloggers to write about their mobile gaming apps. They have been running a fundraising campaign on FundedByMe.

They initially promised us shares worth 100 Euros for our blogposts. They even collected our bank account details and national ID numbers. To start with, they issued us online share certificates in PDF form which technically holds no value. We were told that we would be able to encash these shares in June 2015. But after months of waiting and getting no response from them, they finally wrote to a few bloggers asking them to courier certain documents to a faraway address. The cost of physically couriering the documents defeats the purpose of redeeming the shares. Moreover, when they have been unsuccessful in furnishing any physical document, what prompts them to seek physical copies from us?

All of us bloggers feel completely cheated, and have taken it upon us to shame FatCat. This shady company has now planned to launch in South America also! People, beware!

Fat Cat Gaming Contact Info
Twitter | Facebook  
Sulim Malook+44 (0) 7752 109 248
+44(0) 207-253-8653 Linkedin

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